Casella Clinic in Chicago

Hey Jim, 

Just wanted to take a moment and say I, and my oldest son, appreciate your clinic in Chicago at Midwest.  I've used Virtual Drumline for awhile (since VDL 1) and its always good to hear things again.

Best wishes for the New Year.
Same to you Jim - Happy New Year that is. 

You are right - I can see where it is impossible to cover all the ins and outs of VDL in an hour.  But you are welcome, you did a fine job.
Hi Richard. Thanks very much for your compliments on the presentation. Sometimes it's difficult to gauge who to direct these clinics to since some folks prefer the basics, while others want to get deeper into the nitty gritty. I've found it's pretty much impossible to cover everything with VDL in a short presentation, but hopefully was able to touch on enough aspects to keep things informative to everyone.

Thanks again and happy new year!
thats cool man...I just thought it was humorous...
It was kind of funny - but at the same time I thought I was in the Twilight Zone.  Keep in mind, I'm one of those guys that does not like to be late.
I am sitting here giggling at the thought of you guys walking ";following Jim's voice in the distance";...Jim...oh Jim...whereforth art thou Jim? :)
Yes, it was a very good presentation.  My son and I got there about 10 or 15 minutes late.  We had trouble following the signs to the clinic room behind a room.  The only way we found it was the sound of Jim's voice in the distance.
Good deal.  I bet it was a great clinic!
Jim presented an overview of Virtual Drumline.  For those who know the product, it was merely an intro to VD2.5 and its uses.  For me it was an opportunity to see and hear it - again.
For those of us that were not at MidWest this year...what was the clinic about?  I have seen Jim present a clinic a few times in the past and each time it has been VERY informative and useful!
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