MIDI Keyboard troubles...

I'm on Sibelius 5.1 with VDL2.5, finally... Mac OSX 10.4.11,
I went through many of the video tutorials... and get sounds ok...but if I compare pitches to a real instrument, it seems as though the pitch wheel is ";stuck"; in the up position.  -So, after I input notes and click on them (to let sibelius preview the sound) I get a steady pitch and then a pitch bend down at the end.  If I manually hold my pitch wheel in the extreme down position, everything seems to be better.  Also, when I compare pitches with my physical instruments that I own, holding the wheel all the way down gives me the correct pitch.  So, I'm thinking that it's a midi keyboard problem...???  I also had this thing happen when using good old Reason 3 to run VDL1, there I actually saw the pitch wheel on the screen jumping around and certain staves would bend out of tune, creating playback chaos. 

any ideas...I'm still waiting on the tech support at m-audio... 


Just throwing them out there...

- Have you opened the player window in Sib 5.1 and activated the keyboard to see where the mod wheel is? (Open Mixer and then click that little starburst looking button on the instrument channel)

- Is it an older file that maybe has some MIDI commands that you didn't know of? Select ";Show hidden items"; in the view drop down and you might see them. I know when I convert a MIDI file from an arranger they are all over the place!

Good luck, let us know how it turns out:)
You could use a virtual/on-screen keyboard, and see if the behavior is the same or different.  It would either implicate or exonerate your midi keyboard...
No, actually these are new scores using the VDL template for 5.1...

also, looking at the keyboard through the mixer doesn't reveal anything....the wheel looks right.

This seemed to happen with any sounds, not just VDL2.5

Drumcat: which virtual keyboard would you recommend? 

I also have a Oxygen 8 on order for my wife, I'll certainly try it out too...

anybody had this problem?
Used the VDLmidi app...
the Sibelius Essential sounds (flute) were fixed it seems...they sound on-pitch!

It seemed though when I tried the VDL2.5 marimba sound I still had the pitch issue...I could be wrong, I don't know how to use the VDLmidi thing very well, it looked like I could only input certain pitches...C1, C6, A2 etc.  When I tried C, it still seemed too high...like a half-step maybe.

I'm about to reformat the system, if I can't get any consistent results
All is solved!!!

I actually finally got through to M-Audio support and they had me download a program called MIDI Monitor.  (It's Mac only, I think)
But, it's a nifty little program that displays all the midi messages from your device.  Without hitting any keys (or turning the pitch wheel) mine was a contant stream of pitch wheel messages, mostly on the -3000 to -4000 range. 

So, it's the pitch wheel...as I suspected.  The guy told me the warranty was up so I'd better buy a new one.

Since I'm poor, I opened up the keyboard and disassembled the pitch wheel so it was just the center ";twisty knob"; and hooked the keyboard back up, rotated the knob until the pitch wheel messages (in MIDI Monitor) when away.  Reattached the pitch wheel and it's FIXED!

YES! it's so glorious to hear my playback in tune!
thanks for helping guys

Mike Wendeln 
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