OT - you might have seen this in the past but it is worth another look

First of all, sorry for the long title.  Next, this video has been around for quite a while but I just stumbled onto it again and after a few minutes of laughing out loud, I immediately thought of this forum and how much fun you guys would get from this SO...here goes:



Also, check out this out as well.  I found it as one of the other videos listed to the right of the video above.  JUST as nice!!!


Dave, I can't find the words to express my feelings.�� It may be a good thing.��
I guess the Marimba Lady was to busy in Med School to practice.�� The trumpeter ranks as one of the worse things I've ever heard.��
But seriously Dave, thanks for the laugh.�� Now I'll have to share these.

I think those two videos just need to be [i]experienced[/i] instead of discussed.  I agree that they are pretty hard to express through words.  I honestly am giggling again as I sit here and type this.  Man oh man...
wonderful!  Thank you for sharing Dave!  HI-larious...
I laughed so hard at the trumpet girl I was crying. . . Thanks for the laugh. The remixes of her performances are a riot as well.
After listening to the trumpet playing a couple of times, I think she played the correct melody - it was just in a completely different key than the background track�� - whoops.
Actually - I bet I know what it was - the background was in ";C"; and she was playing a Bb Trumpet - it has to be.  Wow - how did that get overlooked at rehearsals?
Wait - what I meant to say was - the part she was playing was not transposed to match the background which was most likely in concert pitch.  I have no idea why, but this is really bugging me - I mean - it sounded SO bad - there has to some kind of explanation.

Poor thing.
[quote author=anande5 link=topic=2218.msg11527#msg11527 date=1199656656]
Poor thing.

you know...I waver back and forth between that very thought and then I see the cheesy dance moves and pretend lazer shots with her trumpet and  have to laugh.  Sorry.
Yeah, OK, - point taken. :)
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