Virtual Instruments Magazine- Great review

There is a great review of VDL 2.5 in the Jan. issue of virtual instruments magazine, even made the cover! I have to update now!
thats friggin awesome!! I was hoping how long it would be before this happened...
cool...thanks for sharing this!
Thanks for sharing this percbob! I've been meaning to mention the review we received here, and it keeps slipping down my list. Since we're going to toot our own horn a bit, here are some nice quotes from the article:

[tt]";The attention given to sonic variety, character, and presence is also outstanding.";

";Dozens of programs make up the brilliant sounding front ensemble.";

";Thanks to some painstakingly-built percussion notation maps, VDL will incorporate seamlessly into Sibelius 5 or Finale 2007.";

";Virtual Drumline 2.5 is magnificent.";
VI magazine has been mentioned here before in the forums, but it's worth mentioning again. It's a very informative publication for anyone who uses virtual instruments in composing music. I've been a subscriber since issue #1 and always look forward to learning from it.
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