Creating your own instruments

Here's one that I have yet to find on the forum.

I am arranging a Bach piece for boomwhackers.  I have Kontakt 2 sound sets.  Now I'm trying to create a customized instrument in Sibelius 4.  I was wanting a score that used the ranges available and perhaps color coded the pitches as the tubes were.  I have been unsuccessful at locating information about this on the forums (here, NI or Sibelius).  Any help would be outstanding.  Thanks in advance.
If your boomwhackers are chromatically pitched, you can create a new ";staff type"; via the ";edit staff types"; window. You can create a new pitched instrument based on any existing pitched staff types, then simply adjust the range specifications to that of your Kontakt instrument.

When you've completed your arrangement, please share a recording with us. Bach on boomwhackers is something that would brighten anyone's day! :)
Thanks For the speedy reply Jim.  I'll send it your way when it's finished.  from the looks of it, It will be difficult but fun, kind of a large bassline exercise.  Thanks again.

* Anyone know how to make the notes colored and heave it be part of the staff type?  I'm having issue changing the staff type.  I selected the Percussion 5 line staff Tom Tom and added some notes but it doesn't do the full range.  When I input the notes it puts them many ledger lines below the staff.  Transposition change perhaps.  I think Toms would be in No clef when the piece is in Treble.  Just a few questions.  I appreciate the help so far.  It's a great place to start.  Thanks!
Hey man,

reading your specs it looks like you are using Finale.  I use Sibelius personally and I know you can add the boomwhackers colors automatically through it.  I don't know if there is a way to do that within the construct of finale...

No, I only use Sibelius.  But keep Finale around because some of the lines I work with send me music in that format and sibelius' transfer can be hard if they don't make it an xml.  I used ctrl+j to color the notes individually.  I can't decide if the look is simple enough to view.  When I get it all mixed I'll post up some sounds.  Take it easy thanks for the reply.
Finale 2008 has the option for Boomwhacker colors and colored notes.
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