VDL 2.5 Installation crashing


Just received VDL2.5 in the mail, but when I run the Installer, it crashes!  The crash occurs at the beginning of the actual installation (after I've chosen the destination and agreed to terms).  I've tried copying the installer to my hard disk, restarted multiple times, etc... Any thoughts?  I'm hoping to get this going ASAP as I just upgraded my system, and am right in the middle of multiple projects!

Thanks in advance!

System Details:
iMac Intel Core Duo 2.4
2 gigs RAM
Sibelius 5.1
Kontakt 3
Scratch that- problem solved.

Dug a little deeper and found the link to the Leopard ";patched installer";.  Sorry for jumping the gun!

I'm sure I'll be back as I try to get all this sweet new integration going!

Are you running Mac OSX 10.5 (Leopard)?

If so, you'll need to use NI's Leopard hotfix. Instructions are here:

Everything with VDL and Kontakt Player is fine, but it's the actual installer program that has the Leopard incompatibility. The hotfix is an extra few hoops to jump through but given how long some software will take to become Leopard compatible, NI deserves props for making this available so quickly after Leopard's release.
Excellent. Glad you're onto the next step. Hang in there!
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