VDL 2.5.1 and Sibelius 5.1- Funky Behavior

Hi again!

I've gotten everything updated and running, now I'm just encountering some bugs with my new setup (as to be expected).  Any helpful tips from all the experts out there would be great- I'm sure I've missed something obvious...

[b]Bug 1[/b]: Anytime I try to edit an instrument name in the score, Sibelius crashes.  Even if I don't actually change anything, the act of selecting an instrument name, then deselecting it will crash Sibelius.  This seems to only be happening with the score that is using the new VDL2.5.1 Template (my older scores from Sib 4 don't crash).  Anyone else have this problem?

[b]Bug 2[/b]: While I have all of the Instrument Staves set up correctly (and had them working great for awhile), my snare and tenor staves suddenly started to change which ";slot"; they were sending data to the Kontakt Player on (I have them set to automatic, though setting them to a specific patch changes nothing).  I now randomly have my snare and tenor staves being played with the Drumset Sound (the drumset staff is unaffected...)

[b]Bug [/b]3: I have a general lag while working in Sibelius now.  It takes a good 3 seconds for anything to realize I've selected it, which is also occuring when I scan through a part using the arrow keys.  The lag doesn't seem to be affecting any midi input functions (I can play a snare put in just fine).  I've gotten rid of translucent windows, textures, property windows, and rulers.  This again only seems to be happening in the score that I've got going with the new template.  Old scores, while they have no sound, have no lag.

Last but not least, if someone could point me to a post outlining the most efficient way to work in an older score using VDL2.5, I would be greatly appreciative!  I can't seem to find one, though I'm sure its out there.  I'm excited to get completely switched over, but being in the middle of some projects, its starting to not seem like great timing.  I tried opening a current project (started in VDL2/Sib 4) then mapping all of the sounds manually, but the templates don't match up so there's not much luck with input or output after that.  Should I just be copying and pasting all old scores into new templates?

Sorry for the extended post- thanks in advance for any help... this weekend's indoor camp is sneaking up quickly! :)


I had the ";crash when editing instrument names"; happen for a while, but after two restarts, the OS asked me if I wanted to reset the settings for that program. I clicked no, and then it did it again. It asked me again so I clicked yes, and that fixed it.
Sometimes issues get solved and I don't bother to figure out what fixed it, all I know is that in my case, that's what did it.

Good luck, homey!
To bring up an old thread, I too have discovered the crash when editing instrument names.  Lydian's solution didn't work for me, even after several tries.  To the best of my knowledge i'm fully up to date.

For a little more detail, I was able to and a line break between the instrument name and the ~, making the hidden text on the second line, below the actual name of the instrument.  Beyond that, even trying to label Marimba 1 and Marimba 2 was causing the crash.

Any ideas?  It's a minor issue, and everything still functions and sounds fine, just one of those things that really bug you. 

Thanks for any advice.
I guess I posted too soon...

Just after posting above I deleted the hidden text and that seemed to solve the problem.  Once everything following the ~ was deleted, I could edit as needed.

Hope that helps anyone who stumbles across the same problem.
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