Web Vids

Let's post our favorite internet drumming vids

Here's one of mine:

I just get exicted whenever i hear the background track, and this guys hands move drum to drum really well on a drumset, we should get him a set of tenors


and of course, the ever popular elbow

Good stuff man!
Wow - love those metric moves in the groove with Swallow right in there!  Nice!
Bill Stewart with John Scofield and Steve Swallow at the Blue Note. Yummy stuff...


I used to hate it when my band director in high school told me I needed to use brushes in jazz band.  I saw Clayton Cameron with Tony Bennett on MTV Unplugged and changed my mind.  :)


I did see the Tommy Lee at U of Nebraska stuff.  Pretty funny...
Tommy Lee?  Did you guys see the reality show a couple of years back when he lived the college life (University of Nebraska?) for a month or so?  He spent a couple of days with the drumline and looked like a complete fool.  It was pretty funny. 
there is nothing quite like the memories of the 80's hair bands.  I saw this particular concert a couple of times and the solo was pretty cool both times...

I like them all - cause its DRUMMIN'!!!!!!!!!!!

Check this one out - three are better than one!

Click this:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ln6b_nBM-V8

I love Gadd's [b]Crazy Army[/b]!�� What a jam!
You gotta love Billy Ward.  Unbelievable feel...


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