Old Scores not playing back

Hey guys I recently updated to Sibelius 5 from 3.  I went through all the opening configurations and stuff and got it so that I'm operational with new scores (kudos to jim for the great tutorials!).  I have a different problem now.  Whenever I try to open some of my old scores I cant get any sound to play back with them.  I keep all of my playback devices the same as how they work when its a brand new piece of music but now I cant get the old ones to playback.  I usually click ok when that screen pops up about editing the house styles and stuff.  I also used VDL 2.5 to create the old scores I have.  I really dont want to go back and re-input everything. Any ideas?
I'm sure there's an easier way to solve your problem, but perhaps cutting and pasting into the VDl2.5 Template? The only time consuming part is making sure the time signatures align.
In order to import older Sibelius 3 and 4 scores into Sib 5.1 you will need to use the ";Classic"; Template, which unfortunately is not quite available yet.

The main problem you are going to run into using any other method is that the noteheads in Sib 3 and 4 are vastly different than 5.1 (the numbering). You will have the same issues whether you import the 5.1 Template House Style into the older score or the older score's House Style into the 5.1 Template.

Anyway, Mr. Casella and I hope to have something out soon. Please forgive us since we cannot confirm a timeframe.
Hugh is right. What you're looking for is the ";classic"; template.

If you're in the middle of projects that were started with Sibelius 3 or 4, it may be beneficial to finish those projects (or playback old projects) using the older versions of Sibelius. The Classic template is something of an imperfect solution that will still require you to spend some time assigning instrument changes (and removing old ";staff type"; changes from before). This is something that has been started, but due to other pressing projects, hasn't been as high of a priority for us. We will get it out, but as Hugh stated, we can't really say when at the moment.
Hey guys thanks for the replies.  Yea I dont mind waiting for you to finish up the classic template.  Sounds like it will be a good tool for opening the older scores.  Just wanted to make sure I wasnt going out of my mind
The Classic Template will definitely be a handy tool.
Just an out-there thought, but could you export as midi from 3 into 5?  I don't remember off-hand what happens if you import midi onto the template...
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