Mac OSX 10.5 Installation Question

Hello there, I have the OSX 10.5 Leopard on my MacBook Pro, and am trying to install VDL 2.5.  I realized that it was failing to install, so I found that you must go to the NI site and install the service center installer.  However, I never found a patch to install the actual Virtual Drumline 2.5 files themselves.  Any help will be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!
Service Center is a little different than the actual KP2 installer for VDL. Here's some instructions to help you navigate your way...
Thanks, Jim!
Jim, when I get to the part of the NI patch installer where it asks me to select a disk or folder containing the application, I select the DVD drive (with VDL 2.5 dvd in it), and then it tells me that it is 'locked', and I cannot select it.  Any thoughts?  Thanks for your time!
Select where you installed the program, not the disc.
The only program I have been able to install is service center, which I downloaded from the NI website (Native Instruments Service Center for Mac OS X) .  Is this file the NI Leopard Installer Patch?  Please forgive my ignorance, but I am really confused.
The Leopard Installer Patch is here:

You will find it under the updates for Guitar Rig.�� You will need to have the disc in For VDL 2.5 and then run this installer.�� It will then ask you to look for the original installer (which is on the disc).�� This will update that installer and then have it run automatically.�� It will install the VDL 2.5 for you but leave the ";.nkx"; files off.�� You will then ";Browse"; the disc of VDL 2.5 and you will see the NKX files there.�� Drag them into the location where your VDL 2.5 library was installed.  You can then go ahead and run the update to 2.5.1

Thanks, Jim, J Mattson, and Coach for bearing with me.  It works like a charm now.
Great to hear.  Let us know if you need more help.

I will definitely do that.  By the way, when I marched in '05, I believe we had several of our first shows of tour with you guys. 
Mn Brass and Scouts are at a lot of shows together- it used to be more before DCM changed.  We even used Madison's buses to go to DCA finals because they are after DCI finals. 
Yeah I remember those days.  We were at a lot of shows with Scouts usually.
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