OT-My dream computer =)

Hey all,
Here is my dream computer.  The new Mac Pro.  Here are the specs I customized it with....
# Two 3.2GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon (8-core)
# 32GB (8 x 4GB) (DDR2 fully buffered)
# Mac Pro RAID Card
# 300GB 15,000-rpm SAS (hard drive)
# 300GB 15,000-rpm SAS (hard drive)
# 300GB 15,000-rpm SAS (hard drive)
# 300GB 15,000-rpm SAS (hard drive)
# NVIDIA Quadro FX 5600 1.5GB (Stereo 3D, two dual-link DVI)
# Apple Cinema HD Display (30"; flat panel)
# Apple Cinema HD Display (30"; flat panel)
# Two 16x SuperDrives DVD burners
# AirPort Extreme card (Wi-Fi)
# Quad Channel 4Gb Fibre Channel PCI Express Card

The total Cost of this Bad Boy?  $27,270.95. 
At least I can dream!!
Just wait until it's outdated when they start including Blue Ray! jk. It's nice to know that my mac is going to last me longer than the average because I've put more into it... but it always sucks to know that in 6 months... what was the top of the line, no longer is!

P.S. When I was working on buying my laptop I did the same thing you did just for fun... That would truly be an amazing machine to have! Peace...
The great thing about Macs is they retain their resale value very well.  You can get a refurbished Mac for a couple hundred off, then sell it when the next generation comes out, and you'll usually break even. 
Let us know when you get it so we can resequence DNA from dinosaur fossils or finally create Skynet.  I've got a giant deathbot that needs a brain, too.  Have fun hacking the CIA!
I'll sell you my rig...  bargain price of $3500...  ;)

Only 4g of ram, but better HD space.  ;)
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