Synthesizer Patches

Hi Everyone

I have a question regarding the template.  I added a Synthesizer to the score and I went to the Mixer and set the patch to Normal.Strings, but I'm still getting a Piano sound.  Not too sure what I'm doing wrong, but I would greatly appreciate help in the matter.

Thanks again,
Thanks, Jim.  That seemed to do the trick.
It depends on your playback configuration. My guess is that any KP2 instances you've activated, are all set to the Tapspace VDL 2.5 sound set. Since Virtual Drumline has no string sounds, Sibelius is falling back on the piano sound from VDL as a substitute for strings. If, however, you activate an additional instance of Kontakt Player, and set its sound set to ESSENTIALS, then that instance of KP2 will now have some string sounds available. Assuming you have everything in the mixer still set to [b](auto)[/b], Sibelius should automatically realize there are string patches to be found within the new KP2 sound set, and will load them there and use them for that staff.
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