Sound Card choice...

I have had less than stellar playback of my drumline scores so thinking about upgrading my sound card in the hopes that it will aid my lap top in better handling the requirements of VDL:2.5. I have been looking around and narrowed it down to these two:
PreSonus Inspire 1394 firewire(there is a Vista patch to insure vista compatibility)

or The M-Audio Transit USB(a patch is available to ensure vista compatibility) available here at tapspace.

My only real use for this sound card would be to run VDL:2.5  and other things related to Sib.5.1

Any help would be much apprecaited.


My laptop specs are:

Vinsta 32 bit home premium
2.0ghz Dual core
2GB of Ram(I can expand to 4)
Altec Lansing sound using Direct Sound(or so it seems)
Sib.5.1 and VDL:2.5
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