Error Message: Your System ID has changed or is invalid.

";Error Message: Your System ID has changed or is invalid.  Please use the service center to re-register the library.";

This message pops up when I try to use the Kontakt Player 2 with VD as a plug into Finale 2007.  I just got VD a couple of weeks ago and still have yet to use it.  There is a red triangle with an exclomation mark in the VD instrument list.  When you click on this, the message above comes up.  The VD instruments work in the stand alone, but something isn't connecting right with Finale.  It stops me from using the instruments with the Finale program, but the Kontakt Player 2 comes up as an option in the MiDI VST setup in Finale.  I've looked everywhere and haven't found the solution of what to do.  I think I need to redo something in the setup, but everything I have tried has not worked.  A little help would be amazing!  It's frustrating to want to use your new software, but a lot of technical stuff gets in the way.
It looks as though the System ID has changed on your system which has caused this with Virtual Drumline 2.  You should be able to use the Native Instruments Service Center on your machine (C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\Service Center, or Macintosh HD\Applications\Service Center) to register this copy, or call Native Instruments for assistance with registering the copy of Virtual Drumline.  The red Triangle means that the library has maybe become unregistered and you will not be able to use it because there are no more ";Demo"; days left.
My product review says that everything is activated and up to date.  If it weren't for the red triangle, you wouldn't even notice that there was anything wrong.  I tried calling, but I couldn't get ahold of them.  I can't find the registration place to go to.
I'm not sure if you're using an Intel Mac, but if you are, are you launching Finale under Rosetta? If so, that's essentially the same thing as running it on a non-intel machine. So if VDL was registered on your Intel mac, that's likely where the error may be coming into play. For best results you should be using an Intel-compatible version of Finale, and run it in Intel mode (not Rosetta).
Mac as in Apple?  I have a PC with intel centrino duo, windows xp.  I don't think Rosetta is the problem, or if it is, I haven't even seen that word before. 
I just downloaded the updates for Finale 2007, which was Finale 2007c and a Human Playback update.  I recopied the nativeinstruments.dll into the Finale VST.  When I went to use Finale, Kontakt Player 2 still had the red exclomation mark, and had the same message not letting me use the two programs together.  i'm trying everything i can think of and nothing is working.  Any ideas?
Yes, I was referring to Mac (as in Apple). There were no system specs in your original post so I was just taking a guess  since it sounded similar to a problem that has occurred for Intel Mac users. This would obviously not apply to you as a Windows user. Details can come in quite handy in such cases.

You should probably contact Native Instruments Registration Support using their support form. Since the company is based in Berlin, is much more effective to use their support form rather than trying to call. You can locate the form here:

The only other thing I'd take a guess at is this. If you were a VDL2 user, and recently updated to 2.5, when you are navigating within the Service Center program, be sure that you aren't confusing VDL 2 for VDL 2.5. This has happened on more than one occasion. These two libraries will show up as two separate products in Service Center, an they each have their own unique serial number.

For anyone who has the same problem, I fixed my problem by looking at the .dll files in the Finale 2007 folder.  Somewhere along the way I had both an outdated .dll file and and updated .dll file, so my Kontakt Player was confused.  I went through and deleted the outdated one, and now it works fine.
drumbutt - thanks for letting us know about the solution. This is a frequently missed aspect to updating VDL or Kontakt Player 2 in that any VST folders the .dll file is located, also needs to be manually updated. Sorry for not figuring that out earlier, but glad to hear you're up-and-running now!
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