Copy & Paste from VDL2.5 Sib4 to VDL2.5 SIib 5.1 template

I just read the forum about the ";classic view"; for opening up earlier versions of Sibelius into Sibelius 5.  I have two projects that are in the early works (10 bars or less) and I was just trying to copy and paste from the old version (Sib 4 VDL2 Template) to the new version (Sib 5.1 VDL2.5.1 Template) and I'm discovering only a couple of sounds won't playback (battery: snare/tenor/bass, pit:  Timp/RackA/RackB).  Am I just going to have to re-type in those couple of instruments, or is there a way I can just copy each instrument at a time? 

Also, should I un-install Kontakt2, Sibelius4, and VDL 2?  I'm hesitant about un-installing Kontakt2 but, I need to know that if I un-install Sib 4 & VDL 2 that nothing fishy will happen if I need to open up old scores (once the ";Classic view";) becomes available. 

Hi Jeremy - Since we can't give a realistic lead-time on the ";classic"; template, I wouldn't ditch Sibelius 4 just yet. The folks at Sibelius are being very understanding about allowing users to have both versions activated simultaneously, and the quickest way to playback older scores correctly would be to continue doing those the old way.

VDL2 may not be as much use to you though, plus removing it will free up a good chunk of space on your hard disk. VDL 2.5 is compatible with Kontakt 2 as well, so you wouldn't have to worry about not being able to load sounds. In fact, since Kontakt Player 2 is so similar in function to Kontatkt 2, you may be okay with just KP2 rather than Kontakt. But if you have previous multis that you're trying to load into Kontakt, it may be helpful to just keep that activated, and keep using it. That's up to you.

Hope this helps.
A Sibelius Question, when I open Sib 4 it asks me about registration.  Since I bought an upgrade I have the same serial # for both Sib 4 & 5.  Will it allow me to have both copies registered simultaneously?  Thanks


I went through this back in July, 07.  I made contact with Peter Filipowski, Senior Technical Help Advisor at Sibelius {Tech Support: (925) 280-2101;
Registration: (888) 280-9995; Email:}.  After explaining my problem Peter responded: ";In order to generate your new registration number we would need your Sibelius Computer number. To find out what this number is, please launch Sibelius. From the 'How to Register' dialog window, choose 'By fax or phone' to display the Computer Number.  To exit this screen without registering, choose 'Register Later' at the bottom.

Please reply with the current Computer Number.";  Once I responded with the computer number Peter sent me a new registration number with directions to complete the process.  It sounds like a lot but it was fairly easy and took about a day after a few Emails.  Peter was very helpful and patient.

Good luck.
Thanks Richard, that will be a big help.  I'll get on that tomorrow. 
Glad to help.  Let me know how things work out.
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