re: Different Sounds being triggered

Using the latest template, I type in my tenor parts and it sounds correct when I type it. When I play it back however it is all jacked up. What sounds like R- L- R- L Snare hits while I enter it, plays back as Rim- Shot- Shot- Shot. What sounds like R-L-R-L tenor hits plays back as Rims and shells. Hmmm...

I know it's posted somewhere, I just can't find it. Can somebody tell me what's wrong, or just tell me where the post is? That would be fantastic. Thanks!
I at least figured out that its triggering sounds 3 octaves higher. Could it be a transposition issue?
Figured it out, I typed in ";Rim"; and forgot that it actually does something now:)
I'm glad you stumbled upon this Ralph. This has tricked a couple other people as well. We'll keep putting some thought into whether or not there may be some more intuitive word usages (from the playback dictionary) that may be less apt to affect this type of unexpected behavior. In the meantime, if you can use a word substitution that doesn't mess with your playback, that'd be the quickest way forward.
Como se dice en Espanol ";Rim";?
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