That's really all I can say right now about 2.5 with 5.1.  I spent today getting everything installed and registered--then i got to play around a bit and I am just floored with the integration of the two products.  i think most will agree that HOURS will be saved in the writing process.  BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO!! What are you guys gonna possibly think of next!?
When you stop and think how far music notation has come, from manuscript to computer notation, to using realistic sounds with the notation, it really is mind-boggling.  I too am adding my hoorahs!!!!  Congratulations Jim.
Jim & Tapspace ROCKS!!
Dave--I guess you put in four words what I was really trying to say!!
Thanks for all the kudos guys. I certainly appreciate it. However, the usefulness of Virtual Drumline would not come close to reality without a lot of hard work that other individuals have put forth in making it happen.
Guys like Hugh Smith, Bill Castillo, Ted Boliske, Scott Hirsch, Murray Gusseck, Sam Butler, Daniel Spreadbury, Mat Chavez, Jesse Mattson, Gabe Cobas, John McFarland, Brady Sark, Bryan Harmsen, Dan Santucci, and many others (sorry for missing so many others) have been elemental in making this all work smoothly together.

Not to mention the hundreds of supportive and helpful people here on the Tapspace Forum bringing about sense of community to ensure this tool grows in a positive way. Virtual Drumline is the result of a great team of people, and it's an honor to be a part of that. Thanks again guys!
Mr. Modest...  Maybe he's practicing an acceptance speech?  You could get that all in before the orchestra plays...
well thanks to all of those people and anyone who went un-named by Jim. i have been with VDL since the original and although i have had my MIA time here on the forum over the last several years it has been SO special to be part of a great online community such as this.  It is also amazing to see how this whole idea of virtual instrument technology has evolved during that time. i was a COMPLETE moron to these things when i first came around these parts 4 years ago (my post history can prove this).  i am by no means now an expert, but when you compare back then to now--it really is amazing.

as always--everyone--keep up the great work--i will always chime in when i can help or need help or just want to say hi.  hope all is well.

BTW--TX folks--TMEA is coming up soon--maybe we could all try and get together somewhere for dinner and drinks. let's plan it!
I like the TMEA idea! I know at PASIC last year we tried to get this goin, and I think if we all got together and had a little time to enjoy each others company and get to know each other rather than go off a post on here it would be pretty sweet! So, the question is, any other takers!?!
As a Newbie, let me encourage you guys in Texas to get together at TMEA and have some fun.�� Sounds like a great idea.��

And, I still say thanks to Jim and the several other folks that helped get this software established.�� We sometimes take things for granted when in fact VDL makes our job easier in the long run.�� Kudos to all!
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