Sibelius 5.1 and VDL 2.5

I am having problems with Sibelius 5.1 and VDL 2.5.  When I click on Sibelius 5.1 and it is uploading and it says ";Playback Configuration";, Sibelius will freeze and a pop up box appears saying that Kontakt Player loading maybe corrupt.  If I ";X"; out, you see VDL 2.5 load up ";Woodblock"; and then Sibelius just sits there and doesn't upload.  Has anyone had this happen?  I really could use some help.

Thank you.
Your installation sounds corrupt- defrag your hard drive then uninstall + reinstall VDL.

Sibelius 5 tries to load your most recent playback configuration.  If you previously were writing for a lot of instruments, this might take awhile.  You can click the ";cancel"; button when it starts to load if it is trying to load a lot of instruments and gets stuck.

I have 1 GB of RAM in my computer, but will add more.  I don't have my MIDI hooked up yet.  I have plenty of hard drive space for all the downloads for Sibelius and VDL.
Hey jmulcahy,

Hang in there.�� Check out this Forum thread:

especially, post #1 item #3.�� Without knowing what your computer setup is like, its difficult at best for someone to give you the help you need.�� The more info you supply, the better (and quicker) the help will be offered.

Like I said, hang in there.�� You've come to right place.
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