Serious help needed

Hey everyone,

I've been using vdl 2 for a while now, and recently bought 2.5. I have had limited success with vdl 2, as it seems to be ";too much"; for my computer.
The thing is, i have a new HP dv9000 with 2 processers, and its got vista too. Im using sibelius 4 but i just cant seem to get it not to skip during play back.
i really dont know what to do, as i really suck at the technical stuff with computers. So if anyone could dumb it down for me that would be great. I am sure its something simple, but right now its beyond me. I really would like to use 2.5, but i just cant get it to do anything.


how much RAM do you have?
Also might be a Sound Card issue. If you are using the on board sound card, this could be part of the problem.

Did Vista come pre-installed on the PC or did you upgrade?

I have a Sound Blaster Audigy 2 and Vista still has some issues with controlling the Sound Cards Speaker settings, but as far as VD 2.5 i haven't had any issues.
i have 2 gigs of ram. The computer came with vista. as far as the soundcard, it says ";Conexant High Defenition Audio."; If anyone has yahoo and wants to help out, my screen name is mikes2000zx2 and my AIM is hcchef85
you should maybe look into a sound card that is geared toward pro audio.�� the soundblaster cards have been inconsistent at best when it comes to pro audio apps.�� M-audio makes some affordable audio interfaces. your 2 gigs of RAM should be sufficient unless you are doing very large scores.
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