Posting cadences on Youtube

I posted my latest music (cadences and on field warm ups) on - you can find it by simply searching  'gtsmart821'  (Thats my sign in name, just scroll through my videos)

Its only battery but I want to know if its any good or just crap lol.  Areas of improvement?  The sound library is obviously Virtual Drumline 2 and is running from Sibelius 3.  Check it out!

Let me know what you think!

Thanks guys
A big Thumbs up to the Camstia Studio Suite! I've been using it for like 5 years and it has met every need on the video capture front! I 2nd J's recommendation to everyone here!
Yeah that looks/sounds significantly better. 
All right, I changed it.  Now it has pretty good quality audio and decent video of the music. 

Check it out!

Thanks guys
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Check it out and let me know what you think!

The video/audio quality is pretty poor.  You can at least set the camera on something so it doesn't shake around.  If you want to make a video so that people can read the music while hearing it, check out the free CamStudio available here:  Or try one of the many other screen recording programs.
Try this one:

Just trying to help.
Check out Audacity, it's free and really easy to use. Just set it up to record whatever comes out of your speakers.
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