Since we don't have a poll yet - DCI Electronics

What do you think about DCI allowing electronics in 2009?
IMO, the electronics addition to the DCI realm is a pretty sway-able (sp?) topic. Yes, in some aspects it will be a nice effect, but in others in may take away from the overall writing and arranging of some things. For example, some things that the trumpets may be doing for effect now, can now just simply be either pre-recorded any played back or it can be used in addition to the section. I feel that even though certain aspects of DCI must go with the flow so to speak, that in some ways Drum and Bugle Corps, needs to keep in mind just that sometimes.
I think the sound of electronics [i]clashes[/i] with brass and percussion. 

...and so does narration :)

The fact that BD got away with it last year, and didn't get penalized...  it just had to be foreshadowing.
[quote]I think the sound of electronics clashes with brass and percussion.

...and so does narration Smiley[/quote]

LOL! yes! someone actually said it!
I have mixed feelings about the use of electronics in the drum corps arena.�� Having marched drum corps (1970-1975) and instructed (1976-1984), I vote no.�� I love the the brass/percussion sound with the advances in the front ensemble over the last 24 years.�� In this sense I agree with J Mattson - the use of electronics will clash.

As a creative person, I vote yes since the use of electronics certainly allows for the expansion of color.�� But, as are most new ideas, it is ususally overused, and in this case, overdone relevant to the overall musical presentation.�� I think its use, without clear thought and direction could have a detrimental effect on the audience perception of the real beauty of brass and percussion.�� In order to produce a good sound, I think the presentation will suffer with all the sound gear that will have to used in order to work in larger stadiums and in the attempt to balance with the total brass and percussion package.  I would hope that its use is not done just because its ";legal"; but because it makes musical sense and can be presented in a musical and technical way that is correct.
I am completely opposed to any electronics in Drum Corps, and I was a pit guy.  I think an excellent point was made in the proposal to remove amplification:  Brass and Drums play with a non-indoor technique, so why should the pit be expected to not do the same?

As to electronic instruments, I think any proposal that makes drum corps more like marching band should be shot down.  Remember when Hoppy tried to get saxophones?  What would be the point of having two different activities if they both become more or less the same thing?  Marching band allows for just about anything, providing the directors opportunities to ";be creative";.  Drum Corps has traditionally been about increasing the level of performance, not the level of creativity.  This activity, in my opinion, is not about the directors having a canvas and however many paints they want to produce their masterpiece, it's about the kids achieving a level of mastery over their instrument that they don't have the opportunity to in band, by playing more difficult music with more difficult drill.  Obviously, you still need to put on the most entertaining show possible, but I think that the emphasis should be on the performance.  I just don't think pushing buttons on a synth qualifies as pushing a performer to the limits of their ability.   
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