Sib 5.1 and VDL 2.5 sound set question

Hey all, I am doing a piece for percussion ensemble and I am writing a chime part.  The Sib 5.1 template has the chimes in bass clef.  In all of my years, I have never seen the chimes as a bass clef instrument.  If I change the clef to treble, and move the notes into the appropriate octave, it doesn't play back (out of the range of the chime samples I suppose).  How can I fix this?  Any help would be great!

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Please read the first post in the following thread:

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As far as getting what you currently have to playback correctly, follow these directions:

[li]Navigate to [b]House Style>Edit Instruments[/b][/li]
[li]Find the exact instrument you have in your score and click the button [b]Edit Instrument[/b] (lower right-hand corner of dialog)[/li]
[li]Edit the [b]Range[/b] to match what is in the KontaktPlayer2 patch (upper right-hand corner of dialog)[/li]
[li]OK your way back out[/li]

You can also look at the updated Template to see the Chime settings and just match those.

If this doesn't do it, let me know.


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