Importing Midi Files

I have a few midi files with snare drum and cowbell on separate tracks. I imported the files into Finale 2007 and set up Virtual Drumline 2.5 to play back. When I play back the Finale mixer indicates there is volume, but there is no indication of a signal in VD. I can manually input notation into VD and the sounds will work, but my midi files will not play back through VD. Any idea on how to have my midi files playback using VD? Thanks.
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It sounds like your Channels in the WINDOW MENU -->INSTRUMENT list might not be set correctly to match where you have loaded the VDL sounds in the Kontakt Player.  If you go to the MIDI MENU -->NATIVE INSTRUMENTS VST/AU Setup, One of the dropdown menus should say Native Instruments Kontakt Player 2 (or Virtual Drumline 2 if you are using the earlier 2.0 version).

If you have anything in the 17-32 Bank make sure you are starting with Channel 17 in the Instrument list, etc, etc and hten co unt from - i.e the 5th sounded loaded in the 17-32 bank would be Channel 21, etc.

Thanks for the information. I made sure my channels were on channels 1 & 2 (only 2 channels) and it is still not working. Any other thoughts? Thanks,
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