Xylophone doesn't load on VDL 2.5

When using VDL 2 with Finale 2007, everything was great.  However, I decided to update to VDL2.5.  Install was a breeze and I began to set my sounds up on K2 just like I used to with VDL 2 (however it's much easier now).  Everything works great, the only problem is that my xylo sounds don't load up.  I've checked the Library location of the files and they are in the proper place.  I've tried running K2 in stand alone mode and loaded up my xylo sounds, but none of them work.  I guess I could use the Garritan xylo sounds, but I don't like the way they sound. (I want my dark xylo sound back!! lol.)  Everytime I load up the VDL 2.5 xylo sounds, the piano keyboard doesn't even light up blue on K2.  I recently also upgraded to Finale 2008 and still have the same problem.  Should I just do a reinstall of VDL 2.5?  I've looked every where on the forum for about a week, and can't find the solution.  Any takers? 

PS.  Looking forward to the clinic in San Antonio Jim!  Fajita tacos on me and a ";light"; beverage at Dick's! 

Dell Dimension 8200
Processor Intel Pentium 4 2GHz
Creative SoundBlaster Live!
1.25 GB RD-RAM
VDL 2.5 (also have VDL 2)
Finale 2008, Finale 2007, Finale 2006 


Sam Rodriguez-Hanna High School, Brownsville, TX
Percussion Director
Hi Sam,

I'm not certain, but it sounds like you may be loading your Xylophones in ";purged"; mode, so maybe check into that.

Also, when you mentioned loading them in K2 (meaning ";Kontakt 2";) did you mean Kontakt, or Kontakt Player? (they're different). If you loaded them in Kontakt, there's a possibility you may have inadvertently saved the instruments without their sample data, which would render them pretty useless. If this is the case, you should probably re-install the VDL 2.5 library (library only) to ensure you're running the correct instruments.

While you're at it, it's probably not a bad idea to update to VDL 2.5.1 (free) using the NI Service Center. Perhaps running this update will help kick things into gear for you.

Looking forward to Texas. It's coming right up!
Thanks for the quick reply.  Yeah sorry about that.  I am running Kontakt Player 2 not Kontakt 2.  My bad sorry I forgot to mention that.  I'm going to do the update today and try an reinstall the library files only from the CD.  I'll keep you posted.

Sam Rodriguez

Hanna High School, Brownsville, TX
Percussion Director
Don't install the DVD library files after you update to 2.5.1. If you do that, you'll essentially downgrade the upgrade. Start by just running the 2.5.1 updater and see if that fixes it before doing anything further.

Tried it this morning and the update didn't do much to help the situation.  The problem still exists.  I am using Kontakt Player 2.  I haven't reinstalled from the DVD and won't do that now, because you just informed of the problem that I will create.  So, what should I do now?  The .nsi files are in the correct place and everything.  Any ideas?

Sam Rodriguez

Hanna High School, Brownsville, TX
Percussion Director
Try this:

Open Kontakt Player 2 in stand-alone mode. With no instruments loaded, load in Xylo Med-Dark. While this loads, let me know if you see the usual ";loading samples"; window that appears when loading instruments. If not, it sounds like the instrument may be loading in purged mode.


I don't know why your xylophone would only be loading in purged mode, so this may or may not be what's happening. While you're troubleshooting, you may also want to double-check to make sure there are [b]three[/b] .nkx files contained within your VDL 2.5 folder. Those are the containers that hold all the sample data. If they weren't there, you should get a ";samples not found"; message, but if you bypassed that before, perhaps that's allowing the instrument to load with no samples. See screenshot below:

Well I tried the first thing you told me to do, and there was no red light that came on under the Purge Window.  So, I looked at the .nkx files in my VDL2.5 folder.  Check this out:  All of the files you mentioned are there....however,  The file size for my Virtual Drumline 2.5_003.nkx file is 0KB.    The file size for the VDL2.5-001.nkx and 002.nkx files are 2,049,078kB and 1,958,940kB respectively.  So I guess some how the third file didn't load correctly?  Should I do a uninstall/reinstall? 

Also how big should these files be?
Virtual Drumline 2.5_info.nkc  (right now it says 1KB)
Virtual Drumline 2.5_info.nkx  (right now it says 3,255KB)
Virtual Drumline 2.5_001.nkc  (right now it says 265 KB)
Virtual Drumline 2.5_002.nkc  (right now it says 276 KB)
Virtual Drumline 2.5_003.nkc  (right now it says 34 KB)
Virtual Drumline 2.5_001.nkx (right now it says 2,049,078 KB)
Virtual Drumline 2.5_002.nkx (right now it says 1,958,940 KB)
Virtual Drumline 2.5_003.nkx (right now it says 0 KB)

Oh and earlier when i wrote ";My .nsi files are correct"; I meant to say my .nki files are in the correct folders.

I think we are defintely getting closer to the solution but I don't want to do anything else until you tell me to. 


Sam Rodriguez

Hanna High School, Brownsville, TX
Percussion Director
Thanks for the extra info Sam. I'm not sure why that third .nkx file is so small, but that's definitely not right. Try this:

Load your VDL 2.5 DVD into your machine. On the disk, you'll see those .nkx files just sitting there. Delete your current Virtual Drumline 2.5_003.nkx file, then drag the 003.nkx file from the DVD into the folder on your hard disk to take the place of the old (bad) one.

The first two .nkx files (001 and 002) are about 2GB each (give or take). The third one (003) is considerably smaller. It should be about 161MB.

Hopefully replacing this file will get you on track. It sounds like maybe something went haywire during the install process. Not to suggest you did this, but sometimes people get impatient during the installation process (which can seem to take a long time with no visible results) and if they interrupt it, it can break things.

Let us know if replacing the 003 file does the trick.

Well I tried to copy and paste the file from the DVD but it wouldn't take.  So I just reinstalled the library again and sure enough!!!!!! It works!!  I have my dark xylo sound again! Yeah!  Jim thanks for taking the time to guide me in this process.  I sure do appreciate all your time, effort, and help.  I owe you one in San Antone.  See ya in a week!!!  Peace and God Bless.

Sam Rodriguez

Hanna High School, Brownsville, TX
Percussion Director

Great to hear Sam!! Glad to have helped steer you toward the final solution.
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