Building a Dream Machine for VD2.5 and Sibelius

Hey all,
I am going to have a ";dream machine"; built specifically for running VDL2.5 with Sibelius5.  I am a PC user, which I know wont seem like a ";dream"; to you Mac users out there... but it is the system I am most proficient with.
So my question for the forum is:
What should this machine include to run VDL2.5 and Sibelius5 flawlessly? 
Should I even bother getting an incredible video card?
What do the creators of VDL2.5 recommend as far as hardware (besides the minimum system requirements stated on the site)?
Please let me know soon before technology jumps ahead again and I have to upgrade!
And with that, I think we can all agree.  I've ridden the Microsoft train, and it's time I got off.  For the vast reasons splattered all over the internet, I think it's safe to say that Microsoft has totally blown the transition to 64-bit.

If anyone needs proof, just walk by a coffee shop here in Seattle.  Don't worry, you can't swing a dead cat without hitting one.  And I'm sure that you'll see macs outnumber pc laptops in about every place except near the Redmond campus.  If only Mr Jobs would release the hounds, he could finally put Microsoft in a corner...

Anyhow, yes, I think it's safe to say that now that Intel is in Apple, and I can run windows (in a window, ironically), it's time to move on.  I've given Microsoft every fighting chance.  In the end, they are failing at every turn.
I'm guessing that driver support is the main reason OS X isn't released to the masses [i]yet[/i]. 

Well this week I [i]somehow[/i] put a Leopard DVD in a very specific custom built computer and *accidentally* installed it.  [i]Allegedly[/i] I followed the guides at the OSx86 project and everything works as if it were a ";real"; Mac Pro.   
I noticed that in all the Mac vs. PC attrition nobody mentioned the video card:)  You don't need a big nVidia 8000 series card unless you're going to be playing Crysis or Bioshock.  If you are thinking about trying Vista out, you'll just need to make sure the card supports it.  Most current cards will.  If you are ever planning on getting into audio editing/sequencing, like with Pro Tools or Cubase, make sure you get a card with dual monitor support.  Pretty much all nVidia or ATI cards have this, so it won't be difficult.  Many sound editors like to have a second monitor to put their mix window on.  Editing software takes up a lot of monitor space.  Definitely check out the build your own computer thread.  If you don't mind doing the homework, you could end up saving some money building your own rig.

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