Combining brass and perucssion sounds from 2 files

If a brass arranger uses Sibelius to create the brass score, is there a way that I (using Finale2008 and VDL2) can combine the audio from the brass into my percussion score to see what they sound like together?  I dont want to create another mp3 yet, I just want to hear what the 2 parts sound like together so I can make changes.


One option is to have him create a midi file of it all, then open with finale and copy/paste.  However, I believe there also is an option with some kind of XML thing, but guys on here would know more about it.


Hello.  XML file should work for you.  Our winds arranger
uses Finale.  I take the Finale file and export it as an XML
file.  I then open/import it in Sibelius.  I take my percussion score
that I have set-up using a Sibelius VDL template and add the
required wind staves and then paste the wind parts into the
percussion score.  So then, ask your winds arranger to
export the file you need as an XML.  I checked my Finale 2007
and it has an XML import and export function.  From there you'll
have to read the manual or call tech support, but it should
function similarly.

Maybe some of the smarter folks than me can suggest something
more efficient?  different.  Good luck!

Take care,
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