VDL can't find midi keyboard

Hey all

I just returned home from a short trip, and upon reconnecting my computer, I'm having a few complications.
In Sibelius 4, I'm not getting proper playback through VDL2.5.  However Sibelius can find my midi keyboard (when I press the piano keys the green light activates in the ";playback and input devices"; menu.

Now if I go to the Kontakt Player 2 program, and press the keys of the the VIRTUAL keyboard of the program, I get all the sounds coming from VDL2.5.  However, when I press the REAL keys of my midi keyboard, I get no response from the program. 

I'm stumped and perplexed.  Do any of you have an idea of what might be going on?  Everything looks like it's set up properly.  Plus, my keyboard works with other programs such as garage band. 


Masterson - you're not going crazy, you probably just haven't configured KP2 to receive input from the [b]keyboard[/b]. You'd want to do this if you were strictly looking to play KP2 with the MIDI keyboard (without Sibelius 4). You do this by going to the Audio/MIDI setup in KP2, and setting your keyboard to ";ON";  (under input). Doing this will create a direct connection between your keyboard and KP2.

By what you've described, you probably have KP2 configured to receive its input from a virtual MIDI cable (so that Sibelius 4 will communicate with it). When you switch to KP2 (so Sibelius 4 is no longer the frontmost application), your keyboard may not control the things that it does when you're working from it [i]within[/i] Sibelius.

Thanks!  I'll check it out!
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