Finale 2008 and VD 2.5.1, template problem?

I just bought VD 2.5 and i just finished installing it. I downloaded the update and followed the directions. I use Finale 2008. IT WORKS! yay! but one set back. From the template that i used off of the updates site, the notes are wrong. I have only tried on the snares, tenors, and basses. Example, i try to put a note in on the snare line, but i get a rim click, and i have to hit the + button a couple times until i find the snare sound/note. Im not very familiar with finale, but i tried searching online, and i see no one has had this problem. If so i mustve missed it. Im guessing it has something to do with the percussion mapping but does anyone know how i can fix this problem. So when i write i dont have to hit the + button for every note?
A couple of things come to mind...

1. The percussion map may be corrupted. Edit each percussion map and under the Notes to Use for ";Staff Name";, select None (Clear), followed by All Named Notes. Verify you have an asterisk besides the midi patch number on the left hand column for each named note. The orther thing to check in the percussion map is that each ";named note"; in the map has the correct number assigned in 2nd column (Playback). I have seen multiple cases where Finale resets this to 0. This number should be the same as the patch number.

2. In finale, it is easier to input the correct note via midi keyboard. I personally don't do this but many folk follow this workflow. I always create a temporary staff in concert pitch and input the correct notes manually then copy to the percussion staff. This is a bit of a workflow nightmare but it works for me and I am not hindered by the slower workflow. Obviously I delete this staff once I am done.
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