Questions with Sib 5.1 Template

I am slightly confused as to how to get the notation to look correct with the sounds for the cymbals on the vibraphone.  My problem is with the G5 + range in the vibraphone for the cymbals.  In Sib 4 it was a staff type change, however with the instrument change, I can not seem to get the correct notation?  Can I not use the G5 notation for the cymbal sounds, or do I have to add a completely new instrument and go from there? 

--> From page 17 of the Readme:

[u][b]Sounds Above the Range[/b][/u]

For those of you who have been using VDL2 or VDL 2.5 for any period of time know that there are suspended cymbal sounds mapped above the ranges in most of the [b]Marimba[/b] and [b]Vibe[/b] KontaktPlayer2 patches. Until now they have been quite handy.

The problem we had in incorporating these sounds into the Template is that Sibelius will make you choose between either [b]Pitched[/b] or [b]Unpitched Percussion[/b] when creating an instrument. [b]An instrument must be either pitched or unpitched; it can not be both[/b].

We could have made two separate instruments for each patch to accommodate this, but then the memory usage would have been just ridiculous if you did not load the correct matching instruments.

Anyway, to make a long story short, here is what we did as it pertains to you now. You will not be using those sounds anymore. Instead, use one of the SusCym instruments located in the Cymbals Family of the [b]Create>Instruments[/b] dialog. Need reasons?

[list]1. You would have to make an instrument change on that staff anyway.[/list]
[list]2. You'd waste valuable RAM, as previously stated.[/list]
[list]3. You won't be limited to just the few sounds in the keyboard patches; the SusCym instruments have more than three times as many sound    choices available.[/list]
[list]4. Why be limited to just the SusCyms? You can use any of the cymbal instruments that are in the Cymbals Family.[/list]

This is one of the things that will need to be part of your mental reprogramming, but in the long run will make your workflow very efficient.

[b]Chime Rakes[/b]: In addition to the suspended cymbal sounds from the vibraphone and marimba instruments, the Chimes contain some ";Rake"; sounds which also must be treated as [b]unpitched[/b]. As such, these rake sounds may now be accessed by using the [b]Chime Rakes[/b] instrument.

The same goes for the three glissando sounds from each of the Glockenspiel patches. To access those sounds in Sibelius, load any one of the three [b]Glock Glissandi[/b] instruments.

Right on.  I'm just starting to do work in Sib 5 and I'm just flaking out on all the instructions.  Thanks for the help.

No problemo!

Just let me know if you any other question about the Template.

Actually I do.

I exported the Sib 5.1 template housestyle into this current score that I am working on and I am still having problems with the instrument change mid staff.  I want to go from vibes to suspendend cymbal then back to vibes.  I highlighted the rest in which I want to change to cymbal, (I put in a short cut for instrument change) I did [apple] + i for instrument change, selected 18"; Constantinople, moved the brackets & clef accordingly, typed in C2 for soft crescendo short.  Once this is done, 1) I get no cymbal sound.  2) It does not appear on the staff paper as a cymbal notation, it is just C2 with all the ledger lines.  Is there something I'm missing a minor step?  I'll go back and re watch the tutorial videos, but I can not think of what I'm doing wrong.

This is somewhat quirky in Sibelius, and if there's not enough space after the instrument change, you sometimes won't see the proper notation upon entry. To work around this, try the following. Once you've entered the instrument change, try dragging the bracket (temporarily) WAY over to the left - like a full measure or two. Once you do see correct cymbal notation, simply drag the instrument change back to where it was initially (prior to the cymbal part) and it will work.

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