Problems with audio with Kontakt Standalone + Sibelius 5

Hi!  I'm having some problems with a couple of things

1.  The sounds in Kontakt Player when opening it standalone through my start menu sound like crap

2.  In Sibelius 5.1, Play > Playback Devices... Does not have Kontakt Player 2 listed. 

I'm currently using a 2.5 Ghz IBM Thinkpad with 2 GB RAM and a stock Soundcard.  If someone could help me out with this problem, I'd really appreciate it.  Thank you!
1. What do you mean by ";crap"; ?

2. It's possible the VST plugin is not in a folder Sibelius is looking.  I believe this can be corrected by clicking on Playback Options > Audio Engine Options.
1.  Well the sounds in the player sound static-like and not very clean, like their from a radio in the 80's with bad reception. 

2.  This problem was fixed, thank you!
Scratchy sounds are often the case of the midi latency being too low, especially on a laptop because they usually have low quality soundcards.  If you go to Setup and increase the Output Latency, you might get better results.
My problem is solved.  Thank you very much for your support!!!
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