New DCI rules

There is is if you haven't read the news yet.

Well, that was interesting. George hopkins can't get strings and woodwinds on the field, so he's going to put them there electronically, then he's going to reason that we should just let woodwinds and strings on the field. Then we have summer marching band....

I actually read a post a loooong time ago that predicted that this would happen.

I'm not sure if i agree with the changes or not persay, but then again, everyone threw a hissy fit when they let pit percussion be part of DCI and I personally enjoyed the benefits of that ruling :) (the same goes true for asymmetrical drill, valves, Bb instruments, etc.) So who knows. All things evolve and without DCI's evolution it would still have a very small cult like following. Perhaps some people want it to stay that way :) I would like to see it go a little more mainstream (although I think <insert channel here> does an awful job of airing finals every year. More then 2 minutes of each show would be nice, as well as treating it like an art instead of  a sport....)

As far as the brass amplification, I've seen a lot of colleges do this very very poorly. I'm not sure if it was bad mics, amps, mixers, or just a lack of knowledge, but they somehow managed to totally destroy the sound quality of the instrument. Hopefully since we've been playing around with pit/voice amplification since 2004, this won't be as big of a problem for the next DCI season.

anyhow, just my 2 cents
With campfees, tour fees, and spring training fees, Cadets total $2,613 for this season. Discounts are given if paid early.

The activity has really changed.  In a way, it's economics.  Those corps that always fill, why not charge more?  The problem is the corps that don't still have to charge more to ";keep up with the Joneses,"; and they end up filling fewer and fewer spots.

Haves and have-nots.
You hit the nail on the head drumcat.  It is economics.  But as Dan (Acheson) put it in that same article in Drum Corps World, stability today is crucial in order to insure success in the future.  Economics play into it no matter what gas and equipment costs might be or might become.  Without financial stability, there won't be the drum corps that we are used to enjoying - with or without electronics, water, and whatever else is added.  However, I hope that anyone on the design staff of a corps considers the impact of the final designed product and how it is perceived by the audience - the paying audience.  Its a vicious cycle.
Well, I don't like judges to pander to the audience.  I do like judging to pander to paying customers.

Unfortunately, it seems like the gap between what judges judge and what the audience wants is widening.  The cycle doesn't have to be vicious; it can be looped back as soon as the activity starts focusing on pleasing its single largest source of income and support.

As long as we have GE that isn't really what people think of as ";general effect";, and as long as GE is such a large part of scores, there will be a disconnect.  But more than that, if people don't ";get it"; on first read, it shouldn't be getting effect points.  Judging often forgets that patrons see shows once, and that needs to be better addressed.  Not simpler, just readable.  And for goodness sakes, get off the 50/50 visual/music balance.  Music should be 60/40.  GE should be no more than 30% if not 20% of a score, and shows like Crown's horse show should be the ones winning.

I think we make too much out of minor excellence differences, and we've gotten away from audience connection.  That's your cycle.

If paying customers are cool with electronics, fine.  If not, fine.  But kids aren't joining corps because they are or aren't using samples.  However, the ticketbuyers don't receive enough focus in my book.
I'm not trying to make this a mutual admiration society, but you are correct drumcat.�� There seems to be a disconnect for some time now.�� When my oldest son expressed interest in the drum corps scene, I took him to Orlando for semifinals and finals in 2003.�� Even though we were in the nose-bleed seats because of a last minute decision to go, I was really jolted emotionally by 2 corps that year - SCV and Phantom.�� It really made the impact that their show came to me at that ";altitude"; with such a strong emotional connection.�� It was the 1st championship finals show I had been to in a few years.�� In my humble opinion, SCV did not receive the credit that they deserved and earned.

I had stopped going for a while because, generally speaking, the corps' shows were not making the emotional, logical, challenging connection with me.�� For me, 2003 renewed my ";faith";�� and hope in what was occurring.

Again this year, Carolina Crown had a level of performance that just did not receive credit for what they were producing.�� Granted, you can't make everyone happy all the time, but I must say that there have been some performances the past 3 years that I have witnessed that received questionable placements; again - my opinion.�� The results are due I suppose to unquestionable technical ability, but the weight of the GE caption has the final result off balance.�� I realize all people don't agree, but that's the way I see it.�� And I believe that this is reflected in your observation that too much emphasis is placed on minor differences at such high levels of obvious excellence.��

As they say, as you get older your beliefs aren't in line with what's current.�� But, I know a quality show when I see it and hear it.�� Its hard to justify the expense when the results don't jive with what you just witnessed.
Oh, the stories I could tell...

I will say this:

I guaranteed someone that Phantom would go up at least one place that night.  That was the most energetic, engaging show I've ever seen.  I guarantee you that if you put some headphones on me, and play that closer, you will see the hair on my neck rise every time, even today.

Everyone in the box that night, some big names included, were just absolutely gobstopped.  I can say that I have not seen a show since that matched it.  It was that night that I knew the judging system wasn't in line with the product; it's too myopic.  I think the easiest thing to do is to redefine GE, but that's a long discussion in itself.

Suffice it to say, you were not alone that night.  Not by a long shot.
Speaking of judges...

If you have the DVD's you know they include the field judge's comments as a bonus to the discs. What most people don't know is that they highly highly sensor the comments. Take a look at the 2004 BD disc. There is a nice 45-60 seconds cut out of the judges tape. I see the lips moving and arms flapping, but somehow I just hear music. It's not just them, you can see it with all the top 6 corps. I can't recal the other corps from that same year, the judges tape cuts out, I'm left wondering what he's saying, then later on he actually references the comment he made and infers that it was toward on particular individual on the right side of the snare line.

So the box should say, ";includes POSITIVE judge's comments";. I've never felt so ripped off.
I was splitting the 50 with a friend at Finals this year and I think it was one of the best ever overall.  The level required to make Top 12 was incredible.  I thought there was a show style for just about everyone.  When it comes to connecting with the audience, I'll say this: not every paying customer wants to hear familiar tunes or see obvious concepts.  I think the DCI crowd is sophisticated enough to appreciate all shows, whether they can sing along or not. 

However, If I were King, I would replace GE scoring with an audience decibel meter.         
[quote author=J Mattson link=topic=2293.msg12225#msg12225 date=1203843545]
However, If I were King, I would replace GE scoring with an audience decibel meter.         

DCM 2004 anyone?

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