Sibelius 4 and Sibelius 5

I greatly apologize if this has been answered, but I couldn't find anything by searching and looking through some possibilities. I've ran into some issues with writing the Battery Book (on Sibelius 5 with SSE) on one system and the Pit Book (Sibelius 4 with VDL 2.5) on another. If the document starts in Sibelius 4, we simply change the instruments settings for the mallet instruments on the Sibelius 5 computer... No problems with the pit book. From here, nothing in the battery portion will sound (on the sibelius 5 computer). I've done a dozen different things to try to get things running and I think I've cornered the problem. I tried doing an instrument change right off the bat thinking that Sibelius 4 was simply using there maps for the instruments in Sibelius 5 (which wouldn't line up with SSE). No luck, it wouldn't even let me assign the instrument manually (I only had the option of Kontakt or auto on top and auto no matter what on bottom [it would only load the GM drumset with this and still no sounds would play]). After this I tried creating staves above each and copy and pasting. Still no luck, same thing happens. From here I decide to open up a new score created by the wizard with only Battery... Cut and Paste, no problem... everything plays. Problem is that it's way to difficult to move all the pit parts every time files are sent back and forth (fairly intricate score with many tempo and time changes).

My conclusion to this was that no matter what, all of the old staff style or percussion maps that were assigned in Sibelius 4 carry over to the document when opened in Sibelius 5. Thus even when I thought I was creating the Sibelius 5 'Marching Snare' instrument, I wasn't... I was loading the instrument setting that came with the document. So here's the big question (or not so, maybe I'm missing the easy part): [i][u]How can you import the Sibelius 5 setup for Battery (SSE) instruments into a document originally created in Sibelius 4?[/u][/i]

I again apologize for not looking around more, I'm just very tired after a long days rehearsal and a long one coming up. I have no internet where we are rehearsing and I'm hoping someone answers by the time I leave in the morning. Thanks to anyone and everyone who helps, and if things are vague, I really tried giving the important stuff. Thanks again... Peace!

P.S. I'm looking for anything... even random hunches would work. I really won't have time to chat and give more info before I leave.
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I think if you open the sib 5 template and EXPORT the house style, and then open your sib 4 document and IMPORT the house style it should make the sound sets available.
I haven't tried this yet but it should work in theory. Then again, so does Communism.

Good luck, let us know how it turns out.
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