TMEA Presentation?!

This is directed towards anyone, but mainly towards Jim.

Do any of you guys know any info on a clinic/presentation that Jim/Bill/Murray/ any TS guys are going to be giving?

::to Jim:: - Kevin Erickson just mentioned it to me and I was wondering the details of it. I was looking through the TMEA schedule and I didn't see any info in there, but I may have overlooked it. Is this going to be something that is going on just within the TS booth or are you actually gonna be doing all the ";fancy stuff"; with a projector and all that jazz? I know its like two or three days away but I was just told, and I know myself and a couple of buddies of mine are really looking forward to this after talking with Kevin!

Thanks in advance for any info guys!

Hi Justin,

I should get on promotion bandwagon and make some noise about this, but have been consumed from many angles lately. Indeed I'll be doing a ";Virtual Drumline Demystified"; presentation at TMEA. It's 2pm on Thursday the 14th. I don't have the actual room number in front of me at the moment, but it should be in the calendar of events.

Please spread the word if you get the chance. I hope the session will be well-attended. Hope to see you there!
Cool, I will let the people in my percussion studio know, they are going to be doing the presentation on ";The Hidden Gems of the PML"; should be pretty cool, lots of good music to be heard! I look forward to seeing ya there and I will do my best to get the news out to other places as well.
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