application installation error (ugh!)

I recently had vista crash on my laptop and was required to do a complete reinstall.  After installing virtual drumline 2, I get the following error message when I try to launch the application:

";Application installation error.  Please reinstall Virtual Drumline 2";.  I have tried reinstalling twice and get the same message both times.  Any ideas?
Vista is bad.  I went back to XP.


Did you uninstall the previous installation first?  You might want to use the new Vista search feature to find and eliminate all previous VDL files.  Then get the Kontakt update for VDL2 and try again:

I uninstalled and reinstalled the program and now it works, sort of.  For some reason the sounds are sounding awful.  It sounds really distorted, kinda like when you crank the volume too high and the notes get 'clipped'.  I'm not sure what is causing this.  Any ideas?  I know the hardware on my laptop is sufficient to produce great sounds, as it was working fine before I reinstalled vista.

It seems the most common problem for this is the output latency setting being too low.  I keep mine around 40-50 when writing music.  There's a slight delay from entering notes on the keyboard, but playback can handle many voices.

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P.S. is this Ryan W?
That fixed it, thanks Jesse!  Yes, this is Ryan W. :)
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