Writing in Metric Mods and the like


i searched the forum, and i was wondering how i write in metric mods like that, seen here in a lick from spice mon, from our own JC. any help on how to do this in SIB3 would be very appreciated.
Those are just ";tuplets."; In this case, 5 notes are to be played in the space of 3, so a ";ratio"; tuplet was used. In Sibelius, this was simply entered using the Create>Tuplet command, and using 5:3 as the ratio.
thanks a bunch.

there is one other related thing.
how do i make the triplet so it appears with two notes after each number?
You can create those notes by clicking the measure or notes that you want to create some text above, and hitting (Control + T in Windows, maybe Command +T on a Mac).

You can type in your specified numbers, and the trick to getting the single note values is a [b]right click[/b] in Windows and the equivalent ";Control + click"; on a Mac.  A large menu will appear with several special text choices you can insert above your music, including many note values.  ***Note:  you right click while you are still in a ";text editing"; mode.  So, sequentially:  Ctrl+T, then a right click to access said menu.

(if a Mac person wants to confirm/correct those shortcuts...I'm not a Mac user).

Hope that helps!
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