OT: Finale Question

This problem has to do with some items being brought from the score to the parts, and some not.

Here is the problem:  In the ";edit score"; view, I use the selection tool to highlight a measure, right click to apply the ";rhythmic notation"; style.  That works fine; however, when I go to the ";edit part"; option not all the staff styles transfer over to the parts.  Someimes they do, sometimes they dont.  I therefore have to go back into each part and re-apply the staff styles on the measures that I want.

Any help?
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I would just go to the MANAGE PARTS area and then just click GENERATE PARTS to regenerate everything.  Anything like that added to a part will not s how on a score.  If you go to a part and then add a Staff Style, this will not get added to the score.
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