I had a question in regards to marching cymbal line parts.  I want to write split cymbal line parts on VDL 2.5.  How would I go about inputting those in?  On VDL 2.5, you have a choice of 16, 18, and 20 in cymbals or ";All"; cymbals.  I used the 18"; cymbals, but cannot incorporate split parts for individuals in the cymbal line. 

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Did you do a search on the forum's many topics?�� There are 7 pages of Forum topics on cymbals.�� What notation software are you using?
Try this and see if this helps:

It has been discussed that you may have to rethink your notation style for cymbals.�� I had to.�� Eventually you come up with a better way to notate your parts.
Maybe someone else on here can give you better advice. 
Hang in there jmulcahy.
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