this is not a musicxml file and cannot be loaded

I hate to be that guy.  I searched FAQ for this topic and found nothing really.

Ive got Mac OS X...I have Sibelius 5.1.  I downloaded the 2.5 template.  I put the xml into the sounds folder as instructed.  I double clicked on it and got the error message, ";This is not a MusicXML file and cannot be loaded";.    I've gone through all the tutorials and manuals and FAQs, so I'm just stuck.  I'm sure the solution is something simple...  Thanks for the future help.

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A slight misstep, but certainly understandable.  The xml file is a ";definition"; file.  The template is a .sib file.  You'll need to open the .sib in order to start working with it.

The error you got was such that if you form an xml file differently, you can use it as a ";score";.  That's not what you do with the xml file from VDL. 

Look in your download from the site, and look for the .sib file.  Then make a copy of it.  Then open the copy, and go for it.

Good question!
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