Having problems loading patches into Finale

Hi everyone. I am a new VDL 2.5 user and I have followed all the steps that the booklet told me to do. However, when I try to set up the VST plugins and load the patch, it tells me that the patch was generated with a newer version of Kontakt. What does this mean? Is there an upgrade. I know I am using the right version of Kontakt but I cannot load the VDL samples into the Finale program.  Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks for your help!
What version of Finale are you using?
Hi Jim. Thanks for your help. I am using Finale 2007.
Cool. The VST plug-in for Kontakt Player 2 that Finale is accessing (located in the [b]FinaleVST[/b] folder) is probably an older version. Unfortunately, the VDL installer doesn't replace this automatically, so you'll need to manually drag the current VST into the FinaleVST folder.  To replace it, locate the file: [b]kontaktplayer2.dll[/b]. This is the VST plug-in for Kontakt Player. It should have installed a newer version of this when you ran the VDL 2.5 installer. You may find it in this location:

C: Program Files>Native Instruments>Kontakt Player 2>VST Plugins

The version should be 2.2.1 or higher. If it's not, I would recommend you start by launching NI Service Center, and updating to VDL 2.5.1 which will also update your Kontakt Player (standalone) to version 2.2.4. Once you've done this, drag the KontaktPlayer2.dll file from C: Program Files>Native Instruments>Kontakt Player 2>VST Plugins into your [b]FinaleVST[/b] folder.

Relaunch Finale, and it should now be using the current version of KP2 which should be able to load all your VDL instruments.
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