2 Questions?

1)  How do I remove all the VDL 2 files so that logic and my other NI programs stop trying to load it as an AU? I have deleted all the files that I can find and it still comes up.

2)  Just 2 weeks ago I got a new iMac.  And transfered everything over from my old computer (10.4.3, 1.5 GHz G4).  Had to reinstall with the patch, and re-activate with the service center to get the player to recognize the libraries.  That worked fine.  But in Logic, or Kore 2, when I open the kontakt player as a plug-in, it still won't recognize the library and states that I need to activate it through the service center.  When I do, nothing happens because I already have activated it.  What should I do?
never mind, I upgraded to logic studio today and both problems have gone away....
Hi Derek,

The problem you're describing sounds somewhat familiar to an issue other users would see when they upgraded to an Intel Mac. Essentially, the software would be authorized in ";intel mode"; but certain programs they were using were not intel native, and thus, were running in ";rosetta mode."; As far as their systems were concerned, Kontakt Player was running in a different environment which is why there were some confusion with authorization. I'm not sure if this is the same issue you were experiencing with Kore 2 or Logic, but it sounds like updating your software has resolved the issue, so that's good to hear.

Let me know if you run into any other snags.
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