Key switch with playback dictionary on tenors.

I've been trying to use the playback dictionary to make the tenors play on the rims instead of playing rim shots.  I selected the area where i want the tenors to play on rims, then hit command T for technique text, then hit rims; however, it still won't play back right.  is that not what you are supposed to do?  I have all the updates for sibelius 5.1 and i'm pretty sure i have the template and new sound set installed correctly.  Is there anything wrong with what i am doing?

I think the only thing you are missing is that the TenorLine shot/dread/rod/rim sounds are not dependant on staff text. All you have to do is [b]change the notehead[/b] to whichever one matches the sound you want.

Please review the Template tutorial video that Jim made that covers noteheads, last vid on tutorials page:

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You may need to reference the Mapping Diagrams in the Readme for a while until you memorize some of the more common noteheads you will be using (they are left and right hand specific).

If that doesn't get it for you...

thank you so much. i feel pretty stupid right now, that was much easier than i thought.  i was really frustrated.  thank you for such a quick response.  i felt like i was taking crazy pills or something. 
I am going to guess that you are not stupid, there was just one little minor thing you were missing. Now that you got it figured out, rock and roll!

Anyway, you are welcome. Come on back if you have any other questions - there are plenty of people on this outstanding forum that can help you with whatever you may have problems with.
Be sure to learn the keyboard shortcuts for changing noteheads (with the notes selected, click alt-shift-notheadnumber or on mac, option-shift-noteheadnumber). When you know these, changing noteheads is a flash.
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