tapspace VDL2.5 with sibelius 5.1 @ leopard

where and in witch folder i schould put the VDL sib1 template v1.0

i have in hard > user >applications > sib soft > sib 5 > sounds > tapspace  2.5 xml
but i get the message file not found ?

any idea thanks
If you are talking about the Sib ";Template";, it can be wherever you keep all of your files. If you are talking about the ";Sound Set";, that looks like the right spot. Have you restarted Sibelius since you put it in there? If not, try that first.
Ralph is correct.

I can barely read the initial post, so I'm not sure I'm understanding you correctly. When you download the Sibelius 5.1 template you get THREE things. All of which are very important.

1) The [b]template[/b] (this is the Sibelius file you work in)
2) The [b]sound set[/b] (this is the .xml file which you must place according to the instructions found in #3)
3) The [b]ReadMe[/b] (this is a PDF file and is the instructions which tell you everything you should need to know about all of this).

Did you read the ReadMe? If so, which part is unclear?

the xml file are installed coorectly    hrd>user>library>applic>sib soft>sib5>sounds>xml

but i don't know where to put the template and the read me , in witch folder
It doesn't matter. You can place those files anywhere you'd like.

thanks for your prompt answear
yes i read ....the read me /viewed  the tutorials video  too  / all clear  to me 

that is why i do not understand where the problem could be

tapspace do not show in the kontakt player 2
in sibelius playback device i get the message file note found ..................?but xml are in the correct place
in sibelius choose instrument , tapspace do not show .

I don't think I understand what you are asking.

Do you see Kontakt Player 2 in the Sibelius Playback Devices window? If not, you may not have correctly installed the Kontakt Player 2 VST or AU. It would help to troubleshoot your problem if we knew if you were on Mac or Windows.

When you open Kontakt Player 2, are you saying that you don't see VDL 2.5 as an available library? If so, it sounds like you didn't install Virtual Drumline yet.

i have on the system
hard> user >library> applications > sib soft > sib 5> sounds > TAPSPACE VIRTUAL DRUM LINE 2.5 XML
hard > user >fldr in progress > VDL template v.1.0  / read me pdf
all downloaded from the site

YES  i see kntkt 2 in sib plybk device

Mac leopard 10.5.2  sib 5.1

NO i don't se TAPSPACE vdl 2.5 as an available library
      in plybk device if i insall sound set TAPSPACE VDL 2.5
      click test    i get the window  file not found................

how do i access service center or ? to up date to 2.5.1
Send me a personal message with your name, email address, and VDL 2.5 serial number and I'll be back in touch shortly.

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