Samples are much softer than all other libraries.

When I use VDL2.5 through Kontakt within Digital Performer, the sounds are much softer than any other library I own.  This is the case in Sibelius as well.  The sounds are just soft.  With the exception of individually cranking the sound levels as I add each instrument, is there a way of cranking up the volume on all of these instruments?  Cranking the sounds also limits the loudness the instrument can reach.  For instance, full blast of the sample may only match up to mf of another.  So what if I wanted the VDL sound louder than the other samples?  Thanks a bunch!


Macbook Pro
VDL 2.5
In the Kontakt Player, click on the toolbox looking icon (or it might be a gear) and turn up the actual sample volume. I think they set themselves to something like -6db, I usually crank mine up to -3db or in some cases even 3db. See if that helps.
Before doing too much tweaking, my first suggestion would be to update VDL to version 2.5.1. You can download the free update by using the NI Service Center program, and going to the ";update center.";

Sounds in 2.5.1 should be 6db louder than those in 2.5. Let us know if that does the trick.
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