Decisions, Decisions

Just because I'm terrible at making purchasing decisions and buyer's remorse, (especially when neither option is necessarily a bad decision) I need some help deciding between purchasing Logic Express 8 or a new midi keyboard.  I've got an M-Audio Oxygen 8, but I'm considering the 49 key to have at work since I've got the space and it would make writing a bit easier (plus I can just use the Oxygen when I'm at home or away somewhere with my MacbookPro).  I've got enough money left from my teacher supply money to get one or the other, but not both.

Which one should I get? 

When I'm in that situation of what to choose, I try to go for what's going to make my work easier.�� My opinion: the more octaves on your controller, the more you can focus on input rather than switching octaves; the larger keyboard is a plus [b]vs.[/b] Logic Express 8 looks good (I'm not a Mac person) but the use of DAW software, in Apple's words ";makes it easier than ever to translate musical inspiration into professional recordings.";�� In your case, you'll have to decide what's your short term/long term goal.�� Whatever you do will be a good choice if that's what will help you be successful and improve your workflow.�� Best of luck!
DAWs tend to be a lot easier to enter notes using a mouse.  You'll have a vertical keyboard and a piano roll.  If you were using Sib, you *have* to use a keyboard.

If it's either/or, I say Logic.
How hard is it to keep track of what octave you are using with the Oxygen 8?  The 49e has blue LEDs to indicate if you shifted up or down, which is nice.  But now that I'm using OS X instead of XP again, and after reading Allen Joanis' experience with notation w/ Logic in [url=][b]this thread[/b][/url], it seems like a person can cut out Sibelius or Finale completely.   
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