Hey guys,
So I have always wondered what application Jim was using when he did the Sibelius 5.1/VDL Tutorials, and I think I got it. I was at the Apple Store today and was trying out the MacBook Air (pretty sweet by the way!!!) and googled ";mouse highlight) and mousepose came up. Did the reading and really wanted the same thing for Windows, so I did a little more research and found Mouselight. It essentially does the same thing, except this one is PC friendly. I put the links to both of them below!


Not sure if anyone was wondering these things, so I figured I may as well post them on here. Enjoy!!
Cool- I have some friends that teach software that will like it.
On the Sibelius screencasts, I was using OmniDazzle by the always dazzling folks at OmniGroup. I've used Mousepose in the past to show keystrokes on screen (helpful for keyboard shortcuts, but not necessarily helpful for Windows users). One great thing about Mousepose is that it'll also show graphical mouse clicks, and now with version 3 gives audible mouse clicks as well. Pretty slick stuff.
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