OT: Virtual Hornline?

Apologies if this has been brought up before in the past, but wouldn't it be nice to have good quality Drum Corps-esque Brass libraries.  Granted GPO marching band sounds are alright and gives you a sense on what it may sound like.  I am just curious if there is any one else out there that might feel the same way...
I understand that Finale can only host NI based VST or AU instruments so that counts out East West PLAY, the new VSL  or the new Garritan ARIA engines. I have read of some folks having some limited success with non NI based VST's but would not bank on it.

Rumor has it that  Makemusic will follow the lead of Sibelius and utilize more open hosting of VST's etc in Finale 2009 which should be out anytime soon.

Know it has been a while.. .but since Finale 2009 came out.. anyone having problems loading East West Sounds.  I am.... I just upgraded and when I choose EW in the VST menu, I just get a tab bar unable to expand it like I can in Finale 2008... weird.
Hi Dave,

I have Finale 2009b running well however I have not used it much with non Kontakt based libraries yet. In general, I use the EWQL libraries directly in Sonar however I did just verify the following libs load correctly in Finale 2009:

Kompakt; EWQL SO Platinum XP Pro, EWQL SC, Colossus & RA
Play; SO Plat Plus Complete, Stormdrum2, Goliath

I would check that you have the latest Finale 2009 update, followed by the the latest versions of your EW stuff.

There was a known Finale problem similar to the one you describe with their Play based libraries. I believe that was on Play version 1.1.3. After the recent update to 1.1.6, I have not heard of any similar issue.

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