Just Loaded VD 2.5, sound generation problems

So I just loaded 2.5 on my Dell Inspiron 9300 computer, installed great, kontakt 2 loaded great, then when I loaded a sound into the bank to play all I get is a distorted sound that sounds like each note is double attacking.  The sound is so bad that you can barely tell that you are playing any type of instrument.  I am using an M-Audio keystation 49e and (as of right now) VDL 2.5 in stand alone.  Any Ideas?
Hey there!

Most likely this has something to do with your soundcard settings. In KP2, go to the Audio Setup (in the File menu), and let us know what settings are available, and what they're currently set to. Usually ";latency"; is a common culprit, but the driver (interface) may have something to do with it as well.

Hope you're doing well!
I am having the same issues, especially on flams.  It sounds like reverb/ruffs on the flams.  My KP2 does have audio Latency under audio setup.  Any advice to get rid of it.

jmulcahy - i'd need more information to understand what you're actually doing. Please provide more details about your system, whether or not your using VDL in stand-alone or plug-in mode, what settings you've made (and what's available) in the soundcard window, etc. More information is better than less information, so it'd be helpful if you can take the time to be thorough in your description of the process that's creating this behavior.
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