Transfer VDL onto new computer

I currently have VDL 2.5 on my current desktop computer, but I am planning on purchasing a new desktop computer soon.  I have downloaded VDL 2.5 on my desktop and laptop computers.  Would I be able to transfer VDL 2.5 onto my new computer and how would I be able to do that in regards to registration with NI?

Thank you.
You can contact NI via the Service Center and deauthorize currently authorized machines.  Once you do that however, you'll never be able to install KP2 on that machine again.  You will however have the right to authorize KP2 on a new machine.
Thank you.
I constantly tinker with, and destroy my computer, so I've reinstalled VDL2 a number of times.  In fact, I just built a new system this weekend and did it all over again.  Since 2.5 came out, I haven't had to deauthorize the previous system first.
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