Would you recommend Finale 2008 or Sibelius 5?

Just like the topic says. If you could tell me why you recommend one or the other that would be greatly appreciated.

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i've seen a lot about cubase and sonar? what the heck are they?

Those are sequencers, whole other beast!  Great for pro audio not as hot for outputting clear easy to edit notation.

Okay man. ��You gotta find and use the search feature on this site. ��It's great. ��I'm still learning and relearning all the time by using it.

For starters, check out Reply #1 at:


Then check out:


There are more. ��There's a ton of info on this forum.
Digital audio workstation software.

Instead of a program that does notation first, and sound second, programs like Logic, Cubase, and Sonar are midi and audio programs that have some lesser level of notation ability.

The reason they are getting talked about is that often it's easier to write midi in a DAW than it is to write notes in a notation program, and now the notation part of the DAWs is vastly improving.  With Cubase and Logic, it's possible to use just Cubase and VDL2, or just Logic and VDL2, and not have to use a notation program at all.

Unlike notation programs, DAWs have the ability to stream more efficiently and ";freeze"; instruments so precious RAM can be freed up.  This allows for more flexibility and speed when writing, and the export of both printed music and audio is rather efficient.

If you don't care about an mp3 as part of your product, this isn't your program.  If audio is a part of your end result, it may be better to have Logic, with its notation AND audio-midi editing power.  [b]The biggest difference in the programs is the Piano Roll; something that the notation programs are DESPERATELY missing.[/b]

Hope that helps.
Very well put. I have been trying to think of a simple way to explain the difference and that pretty much summed most of it up. Kudos.
Here is a vote for Sibelius.  It is very user friendly.  I gave up finale a long, long time ago.
here's my 2 cents...

I used Finale for about 3 years. I tried Sibelius 5 last week. I bought it and I now hate Finale. Most of all, I hate myself for not using Sibelius in the first place!
I vote for Finale since I like it.  I also have Sibelius and I like that too. 
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I vote for Finale since I work there.�� 

Sorry Scott, I had to edit your reply :)

I'm currently learning Logic so I can do what drumcat is talking about- skip the notation software and compose using the same program that will make my final mix. 
Good call, Jesse.  Disclaimers!!!

I just got the MBP this morning.  It's the most kickin' hardware I've used.  That's probably because I've been seeing all the new hardware labor though Vista.  Yuck.

I am a little disappointed with the noise floor on this ";pro"; soundcard, though I may need to do some tweaking yet.  I will be using my Edirol, but I thought I'd see what the basic deal would handle first.  We shall see...  I want to test the optical output.

And yes, I'm right there with you Jesse.  I'm playing with Logic, too!
Hey guys,

For you Pro Tools users out there, keep in mind that Digidesign (Pro Tools) and Sibelius are the same company and there is a ton of work being done to the programs.  In the future they will be doing more than just ";talking to each other.";

Gabe Cobas
When I write, I prefer Sibelius as my notation software although I think it's important for all of us to keep in mind that Sibelius and Finale are two very powerful tools that go about accomplishing the same thing in their own way. Keep in mind that Finale really changed the game in the 90's and has been an industry standard for many years.

If there's anything I've learned from becoming more involved in software development through VDL, it's that people are often impatient when it comes to learning powerful tools. A mistake with your new table saw might lose a finger, and that tool is to be approached with respect and care. I think the same attention should be given to power software tools. Just because I own a license for Logic Pro doesn't make me the next great record producer. And by golly, if I don't know how to accomplish a certain task with the program it's not necessarily the software's fault. I'm just probably not fully speaking the language yet. Don't be upset when you find yourself in China and nobody speaks English. The world doesn't revolve around us. But open minded people can adapt. Users must learn how to use their tools as they use them. Those who do, and are patient as they do so, often become more refined with their craft.

In the spirit of support and service, we should all be sensitive that there's more than one way to skin a cat, and while the forum here may come across as a little Sibelius-centric, it's not the only way. Same could be argued for Mac versus PC, Hillary versus Barack, etc. I think it's great that folks will share their opinions and preferences as long as they aren't bashing the alternatives. As far as VDL stuff goes, it lives pretty comfortably regardless of your notation choice or operating system as long as you're taking the time to learn how to operate the tools of your trade.

So I guess that's my long-winded, soap-boxy way of letting Finale users know that we have your back too!! :)

Did I actually say [i]by golly[/i]? Oh man...
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I vote for Finale since I work there.����

Sorry Scott, I had to edit your reply :)

I'm currently learning Logic so I can do what drumcat is talking about- skip the notation software and compose using the same program that will make my final mix.��

LOL�� Thanks, Man!�� ��

I also have Logic Pro and am going to start learning more of the possibilities with that program hopefully this spring/summer.  I am pretty excited about what that can offer.
Well said Jim on all points. :)
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