Finale HP Tip: "Flammed" double stops

First..... this forum is an incredible resource for those of us who dwell in the ";grey areas"; of support, Thank you Tapspace!

If you abuse unison octaves in your writing like I do, you may notice that Finale has some trouble playng clean double stops with human playback turned on (with both VDL and Softsynth).
When using HP, you will want follow the steps below to turn off the feature that causes the flam.

1. Click on the speaker icon on the playback controls (expand the playback controls on Mac).
2. Click the 'HP Preferences button.
3. Click Ornaments & Tremolos from the left side of the HP prefs window
4. Uncheck 'Humanize Rolls and Trills'>> click save and close>> click OK and let the crispy beats flow.

Let me know if you need clarification,


Great tip Matt. Thank you!!
Nice find, Matt!!
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